I am driving myself nuts!

I originally had all these good intentions to be all virtuous and stuff and, like, actually read the books on my to-read list. Because now that I’m on Goodreads, I actually have a legitimate list. As you might already know, because of that self-challenge-wot-I-did. Anywhosit. My list now has over 200 books on it. FOR REALS!!

So, I had planned to get real and start reading from the top of the list. Well, I read a few and then I got side-tracked by new books coming in at the library (Shiny!) and all these fabulous other books keep catching my eye, and I’m reading my butt off (not that you can tell by looking at my butt) but my to-read list is not dwindling. If anything, it’s growing!!!

What’s a girl to do?! Does this happen to anyone else?

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