Reading goal update.

Back in October, I made a goal. At that time there were 89 books on my Goodreads “to be read” list. My goal as stated was to read all 89 books in one year.

Here is an update on that goal.

Well, there are now 117 books on that list, but I’m only counting the original 89 in that goal. Of the original 89, there are 44 left. So, I better get crackin’.

In all honesty, I haven’t read all the books that have disappeared off the list. Some of them I found I haven’t been able to get, once I got to them on my list. Some of them I found I no longer want to read, once I got to them on my list. But at least I got to them on my list, I dealt with them, and moved them on.

Clearly, I am not sticking to just the things on my list. Too many other wonderful books have come in my way that I just can’t say no to. But I am focused. I have a goal. I can read 44 books by October 6.

I can do this.

3 thoughts on “Reading goal update.

  1. Reading this post made me remember that I want to start up my goal again of reading all 6 Jane Austen books in a summer, so thank you!

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