Quiet by Susan Cain

Oh my gosh, I loved this book so much, I didn’t want to quit reading it. I just had big pink and purple hearts floating around the whole time. Suddenly, so much about my life made sense! Like, why most of it has been so uncomfortable. It’s because I am an introvert in a world that encourages extroversion. Who knew!

By the end of this book, I felt okay with the fact that I hate going out to dinner on Mother’s Day (also known as amateur hour) because of the hordes of people all out doing the same thing. I’m okay with not ever wanting to host dinner parties, or any parties, really. Or actually, ever have anyone over to my house. It’s me, not you.

And boy howdy, do I feel lucky that Mr. Bookmark My Heart is also an introvert. If he wanted to go and do and have-people-over, I would crawl in a hole. I dated a guy like that once. He said I was boring.

So, Thank You Susan Cain, for helping me see that it is okay to be the one at the back of the room looking for the quick exit from the meet-and-greet social hour. And for helping me see the world from the eyes of my poor, lonely, extrovert daughter – the only one in the house.