This Must Be the Place by Kate Racculia

This Must Be the Place: A Novel is freaking fantastic. 16 years after Amy Henderson runs away to Los Angeles, she dies in an electrical accident at work. Her husband realizes he doesn’t know anything about her past, so he goes digging through their apartment looking for clues. He finds a postcard she’d written but never sent and trails it back to the Darby-Jones House in Ruby Falls New York.

The Darby-Jones is a sort of apartment house run by Mona Jones and her teenage daughter. There are more characters surrounding these three and some of them get to narrate chapters. The whole story unfolds at perfect pacing. You think you know something, but you don’t know it like you think you do. There are twists.

The storytelling is outstanding. All the voices are clear and distinct and they seem like real people.

This would be a fabulous book club book if you’re looking. So much to discuss. Definitely 5 stars from me.

I haven’t forgotten you.

So I’m almost half way through The Passage: A Novel by Justin Cronin. And let me tell you that is saying something because this book is a hoss. 766 pages to be exact. But it’s really really good. If you don’t like a section, just wait a minute, it’ll change. Seriously. It’s so sweeping and epic, he only spends a little page time on each scenario. Just enough so you get the picture, then on to the next!

I finished Sh*t My Dad Says last night. It’s pretty funny. His dad is a nut.

I have a whole stack of library books waiting for my attention. If I ever finish The Passage.