Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin

Jane Slayre is another winning “rewrite” of a classic novel. It had vampires, zombies, AND werewolves. The thing I love about these books is that I get to relive the first reading of the book. Yes, it’s the same book, but with changes. It’s like reading the book for the first time all over again.

The best part is when I’m reading a “rewrite” of a book I’ve read a bunch of times, I love to see how the author has reworded the most famous lines to reflect the new premise. This one nailed it. I thought I knew what was coming with the “Reader I married him” line. I was wrong and I laughed out loud when I read it.

Definitely a 5* rating from me.

A book meme!

1. How old were you when you learned how to read?
I think I was about 3. I don’t remember it, but I’ve heard stories. I don’t ever remember not being able to read.

2. Were you a big reader growing up?
I don’t think I was, but I didn’t really compare myself that way. I didn’t really pay attention to what the other kids were or weren’t doing. I read books. I did teach both the kids next door how to read because I was annoyed that our games were hampered by their inability to read.

3. Are there any books that left a big impression on you as a kid?
Jane Eyre. My teacher read it to us in 3rd grade, and I loved it for years. Read it over and over.

4. Favourite genres? (Do you read mainly fiction or non-fiction? Do you have a soft spot for horror, sci-fi, or romance?)
I mostly read fiction, but I read about 25% non-fiction. I don’t necessarily have a soft spot for any genre. I don’t care for westerns.

5. Top 5 favourite authors.
For today the list includes Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Christopher Moore, Will Thomas, and Donna Leon

6. Top 5 favourite books.
Pride and Prejudice, Literacy and Longing in L.A., So Many Books So Little Time, Jane Eyre, and Plainsong.

7. Where do you prefer to read?
I prefer to read outside, but usually that means bugs or cold. So I guess I like my living room furniture.

8. Do you like to eat or drink something while you read? If so, what are your foods and beverages of choice?
Since I frequently read at the table while eating breakfast/lunch I am not particular about what I eat. I do like a nice big bowl of popcorn while I read. And a coke.

9. What do you typically wear when you read? (I swear, I don’t mean this in a dirty way. My mind is a pure as the first snow of the year – before it gets contaminated by dog poo and engine exhaust, that is. ) Casual wear? Pyjamas? Jeans? Something more elaborate and stylish?
I like to be comfortable when I read, but I always like to be comfortable, so I’ll only bother to change if I am feeling overly bound.

10. On average, how many books do you read a month?
I think usually around 10 or 12. Well, depending on how big they are and how much drama is happening in my life.

11. How do you get hold of the books? Do you buy them at a bookstore, visit an online store, borrow from a friend or family member, or do you use the library?
I get most of them from the library, but sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and decide I need to OWN books. Then I order online or make a trip to the bookstore.

Your turn!