Sorry for the delay.

I have no real excuse, but here I am anyway.

I did a very silly thing the other week. I went through my Amazon wishlist and ordered everything on it that was available from my library. This resulted in about 293878657492 items all coming in for me at once. You would think this means I’ve read a lot recently. Not so much. I’ve started a lot of books recently, but several of them were put aside lightly. One was thrown with great force, to paraphrase Dorothy Parker.

Anyway, I’ll tell you I really enjoyed Jane Austen: Real and Imagined Worlds It was written by a historian who took Austen’s work and letters and compared them to the society of her time and historical occurrences to try to gain her take on them. I was glad to finally read something new about Ms. Jane.

This is my newest love. The Swan Thieves: A Novel is by the author who wrote The Historian a few years ago. I read The Historian and thought it was okay, but kind of dry in places. The Swan Thieves, is beautiful. I haven’t found a dry spot yet, and I’m over 300 pages in. It just so happens that every character in this book is a painter, but that doesn’t matter. Each character is a whole, believable, round character, and I love them all.