Christmas 2008

Here is my book haul for this Christmas:

I Can Has Cheezburger by the Lolcats folks
The Black Tower by Louis Bayard
The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters Volume One by Gordon Dahlquist

And some gift cards.


Help me out here, folks.

I’m currently trying to read Three Cups of Tea. Supposedly, it’s by Greg Mortensen and this other guy, but it seems to me like it’s pretty much just written by this other guy. And it’s just a huge Greg Mortensen love fest. Seriously, I’m 150 pages in, and the guy can do no wrong. I’m just wondering, does this thing ever tell the story, or does it pretty much just ooze all over this Mortensen fella?

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Holidays on Ice My general theory about David Sedaris is that he is starting to get bitter. The first collection of his work that I read was hilarious. After that, it just got sad.

Not so for this collection of holiday themed pieces. My favorite was the “family newsletter” from the woman who had a surprise Vietnamese step-daughter show up on her porch in a micro-mini. Also, ranking high in my favor was the story about David’s older sister’s 16th birthday 4 days before Christmas when she rescued a hooker from a drunken boyfriend.

Here’s a fun game.

And an opportunity for me to wave my freak flag.

1. I put my music player on shuffle.

2. Then I post the first line of lyrics (if they don’t reveal the name of the song) to 20 songs.

3. Then you all guess the names of the songs!

Fun right?

Here we go:

1. I see you walking home alone, your face is so alive and bright
2. It’s not the way to cross the faith, the promise has been broken
3. We call out to the beasts of the see to come forth and join us
4. I got a lot to say to you, I got a lot to say
5. On and on, the road goes on, and it’ll go on forever
6. Warm your warmth to turn away, Here it’s December every day
7. Wrapped up in this world of anger, there’s no second chance out here.
8. How can time still destroy, every little beat of my heart
9. We were drinking dinner on the sunset strip
10. Just a gang of four, got each others back
11. Your cruel device, your blood like ice
12. Baby, when I think about you, I think about love
13. When I get high, I get high on speed
14. You can’t quit until you try, you can’t live until you die
15. Million dollar babies are in your head, televised explosions are what they’re fed
16. You’re all spaced out like a UFO
17. I lied just a little, when I said I need you
18.Tonight there’s gonna be a fight, so if you need a place to go
19. Come on in, welcome, enter, we got your front row center
20. I’d like to see you in the morning light, I like to feel you when it comes to night.

Having done that, I don’t think the shuffle feature on iTunes is terribly random, although Mike might say this is a representative sample of my music collection. Ha!

Now…. Go!

Woo Hoo!

I’m back in the game!

After a particularly heinous trip to see a specialist, my hand is much better, now! After spending a month in a hand splint so I couldn’t move my first two fingers, this dude shoots my hand full of cortisone (for which I thought I might have to slap him) and 3 days later, I can move without pain!

I started physical therapy yesterday, and it looks like I won’t have to be permanently left-handed after all. Not that there’s anything wrong with being left-handed, I’m just not.

So, it looks like I can get busy counting down the 150 books I read this year, so far. Hee!