Things I Can’t Do

Sorry it’s been so long. Things have been hairy. As evidenced by the following post.

Things Adrienne can no longer do since she sprained her dominant hand:

1 Play the piano.
2. Knit
3. Empty the dishwasher
4. Wash dishes.
5. Chop vegetables.
6. Type faster than 20 words a minute.
7. Apply makeup.
8. Style my hair.
9. Put on my daughter’s dance tights.
10. Tie shoes.
11. Unbutton my pants.
12. Put on socks.
13. Use the new RFID tagging machines at work (because of the metal splint taped to my hand.)
14. Start my car, release the emergency break, or shift out of park without contortions.
14. Write a check.
15. Sign credit card slips.
16. Hold a book with one hand and turn pages with the other.
17. Open twist caps.
18. Click the mouse with any accuracy.
19. Use scissors.
20. Stop whining!

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