Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

Mercy Street: A Novel So I normally wouldn’t say this is the kind of novel I would read. But when I was asked to read a review copy, I read the publisher’s blurb and decided it actually sounded pretty good. I like some mysteries. Usually funny ones. Not usually hard boiled detective mysteries. This one, I liked.

This is the first in a new series by Mariah Stewart. I liked the back stories that are in it. Those are what make a series interesting book after book. The main plot was good. It wasn’t really one of those where you have to figure it out and the detective springs the answer on you in the last chapter. Once they figured out who done it, it was mostly about catching them. Absolutely, this is not a drawback. There was plenty of action and surprise.

I might actually seek out the other ones in this series when they come out.

Acqua Alta by Donna Leon

Acqua Alta I love these books. Venice is like another character in the book. And Acqua Alta is not Venice at her best. It means “high water”. And it’s not kidding. The canals in Venice rise and lower with the tide. But when there has been lots of rain, and the rivers that feed into Venice are high, high tide means flooding. And it happens often enough that everyone has waders.

An American Archaeologist is badly beaten in her home by 2 men who tell her to cancel her meeting with the museum director. Well, she can’t meet with him anyway because she’s stuck in the hospital recovering from the beating. Then the director ends up dead. Comissario Brunetti is the inspector on the case.

Nothing Remains the Same by Wendy Lesser

Nothing Remains the Same: Rereading and Remembering I actually got time to read on vacation! Didn’t think that would happen, but I finished this book.

Basically, the author begins a project of rereading books she’d read in her childhood and early adulthood. She tells about her first reading, and how re-reading it was different.

I hadn’t read most of the books that she was rereading, but it was entertaining all the same.