Christmas 2008

Here is my book haul for this Christmas:

I Can Has Cheezburger by the Lolcats folks
The Black Tower by Louis Bayard
The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters Volume One by Gordon Dahlquist

And some gift cards.


Help me out here, folks.

I’m currently trying to read Three Cups of Tea. Supposedly, it’s by Greg Mortensen and this other guy, but it seems to me like it’s pretty much just written by this other guy. And it’s just a huge Greg Mortensen love fest. Seriously, I’m 150 pages in, and the guy can do no wrong. I’m just wondering, does this thing ever tell the story, or does it pretty much just ooze all over this Mortensen fella?

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

Holidays on Ice My general theory about David Sedaris is that he is starting to get bitter. The first collection of his work that I read was hilarious. After that, it just got sad.

Not so for this collection of holiday themed pieces. My favorite was the “family newsletter” from the woman who had a surprise Vietnamese step-daughter show up on her porch in a micro-mini. Also, ranking high in my favor was the story about David’s older sister’s 16th birthday 4 days before Christmas when she rescued a hooker from a drunken boyfriend.

Here’s a fun game.

And an opportunity for me to wave my freak flag.

1. I put my music player on shuffle.

2. Then I post the first line of lyrics (if they don’t reveal the name of the song) to 20 songs.

3. Then you all guess the names of the songs!

Fun right?

Here we go:

1. I see you walking home alone, your face is so alive and bright
2. It’s not the way to cross the faith, the promise has been broken
3. We call out to the beasts of the see to come forth and join us
4. I got a lot to say to you, I got a lot to say
5. On and on, the road goes on, and it’ll go on forever
6. Warm your warmth to turn away, Here it’s December every day
7. Wrapped up in this world of anger, there’s no second chance out here.
8. How can time still destroy, every little beat of my heart
9. We were drinking dinner on the sunset strip
10. Just a gang of four, got each others back
11. Your cruel device, your blood like ice
12. Baby, when I think about you, I think about love
13. When I get high, I get high on speed
14. You can’t quit until you try, you can’t live until you die
15. Million dollar babies are in your head, televised explosions are what they’re fed
16. You’re all spaced out like a UFO
17. I lied just a little, when I said I need you
18.Tonight there’s gonna be a fight, so if you need a place to go
19. Come on in, welcome, enter, we got your front row center
20. I’d like to see you in the morning light, I like to feel you when it comes to night.

Having done that, I don’t think the shuffle feature on iTunes is terribly random, although Mike might say this is a representative sample of my music collection. Ha!

Now…. Go!

Woo Hoo!

I’m back in the game!

After a particularly heinous trip to see a specialist, my hand is much better, now! After spending a month in a hand splint so I couldn’t move my first two fingers, this dude shoots my hand full of cortisone (for which I thought I might have to slap him) and 3 days later, I can move without pain!

I started physical therapy yesterday, and it looks like I won’t have to be permanently left-handed after all. Not that there’s anything wrong with being left-handed, I’m just not.

So, it looks like I can get busy counting down the 150 books I read this year, so far. Hee!

Things I Can’t Do

Sorry it’s been so long. Things have been hairy. As evidenced by the following post.

Things Adrienne can no longer do since she sprained her dominant hand:

1 Play the piano.
2. Knit
3. Empty the dishwasher
4. Wash dishes.
5. Chop vegetables.
6. Type faster than 20 words a minute.
7. Apply makeup.
8. Style my hair.
9. Put on my daughter’s dance tights.
10. Tie shoes.
11. Unbutton my pants.
12. Put on socks.
13. Use the new RFID tagging machines at work (because of the metal splint taped to my hand.)
14. Start my car, release the emergency break, or shift out of park without contortions.
14. Write a check.
15. Sign credit card slips.
16. Hold a book with one hand and turn pages with the other.
17. Open twist caps.
18. Click the mouse with any accuracy.
19. Use scissors.
20. Stop whining!

Now, if you’re still reading, you might check out this link to‘s lists of great gift ideas for the holidays.

Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson

Enchanted, Inc. (Katie Chandler, Book 1) Oh, Enchanted, Inc. How are you not like a chick lit novel? Let me count the ways…

1. Your main character is not an imbecile. She is not in a job that is too difficult for her. She does not misappropriate company time for her own foolish whims. She is a competent employee. Also, she does not work in publishing.

2. Your main character is not obsessed with getting a boyfriend/husband. She wouldn’t mind having one, but is holding out for the right kind of guy. She does date, though.

3. Your main character does not spend vast amounts of money on frivolities. She is concerned about making her paycheck last the whole month, so she walks instead of rides the subway. Taxis are right out.

4. Your main character has friends. However, they are not kooky. Everyone knows that all chick lit heroines must have a kooky best friend. Your best friends are regular people.

5. The men your main character are attracted to actually have more to be attracted to than a hot body. And they are attracted to more than a pretty face.

Ok. That said, the book is pretty fluffy. And it’s written in the chick lit style. But it doesn’t have the annoying characteristics of chick lit novels.

Katie Chandler has absolutely no magic in her. Which means she can’t do magic, nor is she affected by magic. The average person can’t really do any magic, but has enough magic in them to be affected by spells by those with magical ability. Which means she can see the truth behind the facade. This is invaluable to magicians, so she is hired by a magical company. And that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Watch You Bleed by Stephen Davis

Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N\' Roses I love G N’ R. I know that’s heresy to all Motley Crue fans, but there it is. The only Dirty Harry movie I’ve ever seen is The Dead Pool. Because Guns N’ Roses was in it. Not really in it, but they are extras in a few scenes.

This book was a great story about the rise of the band. The parts about how jaded everyone became later, and the parts about how crazy Axl Rose got later are less impressive. And the song-by-song analysis of each album was boring, but luckily it was short-lived. The best parts are the bits about the band members living wherever they could and skirting legality, and the parts at the end where it looked like there might be some hope for happiness for the guys. Except Steven Adler. Did anyone else know he’d had a stroke?

Did you miss me?

I have been without internet for 6 days! And nobody could figure out why. Apparently somebody somewhere fixed something, because now it works. Humph.

Anyway, with all this time off the computer, I’ve finished a few books. I’ll tell you about those in the next few days.

I’m Baaaack.

Pandora by Anne Rice

Pandora (New Tales of the Vampires) Another vampire tale… sort of. Basically, this tells the same story Marius already told, but from Pandora’s point of view. And it really didn’t tell much about her life after she and Marius broke up, sometime around 300 A.D. It sort of felt like Rice’s heart wasn’t really in this one. Maybe she had a contract to do another vampire book, but she didn’t have a new story in her.


My son played a soccer game Tuesday night. Who schedules 8 year olds to play a soccer game that doesn’t get finished til 9:15? Seriously. It was 10:30 before the poor kid could get to bed. AND it was the night before a test. Sheesh.

He got 100% on the test, but that’s beside the point.

And he now has an injured foot. He says someone stepped on him in the game. Poor kid.

No pictures

Today, my lovely co-worker came back from 3 weeks off for illness. We had a pot luck luncheon in honor of the occasion. Do I have pictures? No. Why not? I never can remember to take pictures! I don’t even have a decent digital camera.

I have friends who keep their cameras in their purses so they can take pictures of any and every event. Not me, unless you count my cell phone camera, which is really the only way I can get a picture of anything, really.

I tell myself I’m too busy living it to remember to take a picture of it.

Giotto’s Hand by Iain Pears

Giotto\'s Hand (Art History Mystery) This is an Art History Mystery. Also known as a Jonathan Argyll mystery. Jonathan Argyll is a British art dealer living in Rome with a Roman police officer on the Art Squad. Somehow, he always ends up helping her solve cases.

In this one, her boss, General Bottando, thinks he sees a pattern to a group of art thefts dating back 30 years. He doesn’t take it too seriously, but Flavia (the one who lives with Argyll) does a little looking into it. The trail leads to Norwich, England, and a tiny village in which murder and mayhem seems to be par for the course.

It was a fun little read that read very quickly.

Don’t Know Much About Anything Else by Kenneth C. Davis

Don\'t Know Much About Anything Else:Even More Things You Need to Know but Never Learned About People, Places, Events, and More! (Don\'t Know Much About...) Once again, I have to be up front and tell you I got this book as a review copy. But still, I liked it.

The book is divided up into sections based on subject. Like Entertainment or Events. Each section has little 2 page chapters on different items. Like Elvis or The Cuban Missile Crisis. The first page has an introduction paragraph or two and a quiz. The second page has the answers to the quiz.

I love this stuff. I read the whole thing in 24 hours. I love trivia, although Mr. Davis insists this is not trivia, it is important information for all Americans. I don’t know if I agree that all Americans need to know that George Washington’s dentist was not the first to use a drill, or whatever. Anyway, it was fun.

My favorite quizzes were on Banned Books and Paperback Books. Duh.

Well darn.

I just had the garage door fixed. It broke on Friday night, and I refused to pay extra to have it fixed over the weekend.

The garage door guy said it’s time for a new door. I said I’d put it on the list.

Territory by Emma Bull

Territory I really hope this book is the beginning of a trilogy or something. For two reasons. Firstly, because it’s really good. And secondly, because that would explain the inconclusive ending. I mean maybe everyone is supposed to know the particulars about what went down at the OK corral in Tombstone AZ, but no matter how many times I’ve seen the Val Kilmer movie, I just can’t keep it straight.

Basically, this is a retelling of the events leading up to the famous shootout at the OK corral with a twist. The big twist here is that Wyatt Earp and Johnny Ringo and a few other major players in this show are magicians. And not the “watch-me-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-my-hat” magicians. I mean the kind with real power. Wizards if you will.

The magic is not huge and blatant and silly. It’s pretty subtle. Maybe you can’t tell who is and who isn’t. And the writing is just fabulous.

This is the first book by Emma Bull I’ve read, but it won’t be the last. Especially if there’s more coming in the Tombstone saga.

Busy Day.

My son played in a soccer game at 8:30 this morning in a steady drizzle. It was a 6 on 6 game. Our team had 5 players. They all played the whole game. They were exhausted, but they were happy with how well they played. The only made 1 goal, but they are playing kids at least a year older and seemingly much larger than that one year gap should make. So they have no intention to win, but making a goal is reason to celebrate.

Then, I took my daughter to the Nutcracker auditions. She loves to be in the Nutcracker. Last year she was a mouse. It’s loads of fun.

Tonight, I went with my coworkers to the Light The Night Leukemia/Lymphoma walk for the cure. It was a good evening.

If I could remember what book I finished last, I’d tell you about it. I’m tired.

Slash by Slash

Slash Mike actually gave me this book for my birthday last year, but I’ve been saving it. It was worth the wait.

The thing I noticed about this autobiography that made it different from others is that he doesn’t spend a lot of time analyzing his past behavior through the lens of whatever therapy he’s been through. That just comes off so wrong when authors do that. “I was acting out against my sense of abandonment by…” blah blah blah. There isn’t any of that in this book. On the other hand, there were a couple of time where he’d say something like, “I don’t really know why, but I just liked smashing all the glass on vehicles that didn’t belong to me.” And I’m thinking, “Maybe you better get that looked at, Slash.”

Also, I was amazed that he managed to keep the vitriol regarding his leaving of Guns N Roses until about page 260. I think that shows great restraint.