Computer Problems

Computer ProblemsAdrienne’s computer currently doesn’t boot…give me a few days to put together another one for her. Just so you know why she’s not posting and replying. In the meantime, she’s getting a lot more read this week.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

Scar TissueI had seen this book several times at the bookstore since it is shelved next to Tommy Lee’s autobiography, but not ever having been a huge Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan, I wasn’t ever tempted to look into it. Well, my friend Leslie bought it and loaned it to me, so I figured I should at least try it before I give it back to her. I ended up enjoying it very much. It kept me well-occupied while the bottom 2/3 of me was inside and MRI machine. That says something, I guess.

Mostly the book is the story of his drug abuse history and his relationships. There are also some anecdotes about being in a band. He was apparently in relationships with some pretty famous names. Ione Skye, for one. I also noticed that no matter how old he got, the girls were never older than early 20′s. Hmmmm. Must be nice to be the lead singer.

Anyway. I’d be interested to know how he’s doing now. At the time of the writing (3 years ago) he was off drugs and alcohol. I know the band just put out a new album, so I wonder if he’s still clean and who he’s dating, now. I might just be inclined to pull out my one RHCP tape and see if it still plays.

The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld

The Man of My Dreams: A NovelJust like in Prep, Sittenfeld gets right into the thoughts and feelings of her character so that you understand exactly what’s going on with her. And you remember feeling and thinking those exact same things. It’s a little unnerving. But that didn’t stop me from reading the whole thing in 2 sittings.

Hannah was raised by an irate father and an accommodating mother. She blames this for all her relationship issues. She really, really overthinks her relationships. As a college Sophomore, she meets her cousins boyfriend and decides she will marry him one day, but right now, she’s not ready. And he’s not ready. But she’s sure that one day, they will have the comfortable, quiet relationship she sees in her sister’s marriage. Every relationship decision she makes after that is in preparation for her relationship with Henry.

I think I liked Prep better, but I liked the prep school setting. Some of the same themes are present in both books.

Rumspringa: to be or not to be Amish by Tom Schachtman

Rumspringa: To Be or Not to Be AmishI first heard of the Amish tradition of Rumspringa some 10 or 15 years ago. The Amish let their teenage kids “run around” in the outside world so they can sow their wild oats before deciding to settle down and join the Amish church. Something like 80% of them do return to the church. This book follows a number of them over several years to document their journey through rumspringa and what they decide at the end of it.

Schachtman seemed to be really harsh on the Amish when it comes to the fact that they take their children out of school after the 8th grade. They figure they’ve learned all they need to know to be Amish by this point. Schachtman complains that they don’t know enough to survive in the outside world should they wish to leave the Amish church, and that the church encourages that. They know that if their children are educated enough to get good paying jobs in the world, they will leave the church. Ok. So? I mean, isn’t innate to want to preserve your culture? They are doing what is right for preserving their way of life. And it appears that most Amish are exceptionally satisfied with their lives. Isn’t that the whole purpose of life? The pursuit of happiness and all that?

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading the personal stories of these kids and their families.

R.I.P. Challenge

I have finished two of the books for Carl V’s R.I.P. Challenge.

The Silver WolfThe Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt ended up being pretty good. It’s about a werewolf woman around the fall of the Roman Empire. If Anne Rice had written about werewolves, I can imagine it would have been a lot like this. The scary thing is, there’s a picture of the author in the back. No that’s not the scary thing. The scary thing is, she looks like Mrs. Doubtfire. No kidding. And she’s sitting on the couch with her sister, Anne Rice, who is quite far from looking like an English nanny. I’m just saying.

Undead and UnappreciatedThen I read Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson. This series is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s absolute fluff, but it’s pretty funny stuff. If Stephanie Plum ever became a vampire, she would be Betsy.

The Man Who Loved Jane AustenI’m nearly finished with The Man Who Loved Jane Austen by Sally Smith O’Rourke. As it turns out, this could almost be an R.I.P. Challenge book, but I won’t count it. Unless I don’t get them all read. Shhh.

Officer Hottie is back.

So, I was standing at the check-out desk this morning, checking in delivery items, when I noticed a man standing in the walkway wearing a gun. “Why does that gun look familiar?” I wondered. Then he turned toward me, and I realized it was Officer Hottie. He asked where our bestseller titles were so I showed him the new books shelf that has the bestseller list with it; because we at the public library are all about customer service! Then I hightailed into the back room to tell my boss he was here. She found something very important she had to do at the checkout desk facing the new books shelf. The other clerk, who was on break, came out to see what the fuss was about and nearly fainted when she saw this guy. She futzed with some books or paper or something so she could see his face. Then, she realized she was staring. Poor Konrad, the substitute, had no clue what was going on, he just knew he did not have enough room to work with all these women all over the place. It didn’t occur to any of us to get his name. He checked out a Tom Holt book at the self-check machine and left. Then Konrad was suddenly alone at the desk, again. Poor Konrad.